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1500 Watts Single Output MIL-STD Power Supply AC/DC

1500 Watts Single Output MIL-STD Power Supply AC/DC

1 • Description
1500 watt, single output, military grade, ac to dc power supply designed to operate from a 3 Phase, 400Hz, 115VAC input power source for airborne military applications that require the power supply to function under harsh environmental conditions.

2 • Input
2.1 Input Voltage Range: 95 138VAC (115Vac nominal input)
2.2 Frequency Range: 50/60/400Hz (47-440Hz)
2.3 Phase: Three phase, 3 wire plus ground
2.4: Typical Input Current: greater than 6A per phase 115Vac input, full output
2.5: Power Factor Correction: 0.95 typical @ nominal input and full Load
2.6: Input Transient Protection: MIL-STD 704A/D (80Vdc for 100mSec)
2.7: Voltage Surge Protection: MIL-STD 1275A/D (100Vdc for 50mSec)

3 • DC Output Characteristics
3.1 Output Power: 1500W
3.2 Output Voltage: 28Vdc
3.3 Output Current: 53A (max continuous at nominal input)
3.4 Line Regulation: 1.0% Typical
3.5 Load Regulation: 1.0% Typical (No load to full load, nominal input)
3.6 Output Ripple: 1% Typical (pk-pk, nominal input, full load, 20MHz bandwidth)
3.7 Set Point Accuracy: 1.0% of Output Voltage (Nominal input; full load; 25C)
3.8 Transient Response: Output voltage returns to within nominal output voltage with in 1500uSecs for a 50 to 75% load change.
3.9 Overshoot: Turn-on and turn-off overshoot should not exceed 5% over nominal voltage.

4 • Electrical Characteristics
4.1 Switching Frequency: 360KHz Fixed
4.2 Turn On Delay: 250 to 500mS (To nominal output voltage)
4.3 Isolation Voltage:
-Input to Output: 2000Vrms
-Input to Chassis: 1000Vrms
-Output to Chassis: 1000Vrms
4.4 Isolation Resistance: 50Mohms (Input to output)
4.5 Temperature Regulation: ±2.0%/ºC (±.005%/ ºC max; over operating temp range)
4.6 Hold-up Time: 16mSecs

5 • Protection
5.1 Over Current Limit: 115 to 130% Auto-Recovery after removal of overload condition.
5.2 Over Voltage Protection: 108 to 125% of nominal output voltage. Unit latched, recycle AC input to reset.
5.3 Short Circuit: Auto-Recovery after short circuit condition is removed.
5.4 Over Temperature Protection: The power supply is protected for over temperature conditions with thermal shutdown. Auto-Recovery when temperature returns to normal.

6 • Environmental
6.1 Operating Temperature: -50º to 85º C (Baseplate temperature)
6.2 Storage Temperature: -55º to 100º C
6.3 Operating Humidity: 5% to 90% RH, Non-condensing
6.4 Storage Humidity: 5% to 95% RH, Non-condensing
6.5 Operating Altitude: Sea-level to 40,000ft. Non-Operating: above 40,000ft.
6.6 Shock & Vibration: MIL-STD-810F
6.7 Conducted EMI: MI-STD-461C/E/F

7 • Cooling
7.1 Conduction Cooling: Baseplate temperature not to exceed 85°C for full rated output.
7.2 Convection Cooling Option: Aluminum heatsink mounted to baseplate. Ambient temperature conditions and airflow requirements

8 • Controls/Signals/Alarms
8.1 Remote On/Off: N/A
8.2 Remote Sense: N/A
8.3 Output Voltage Adjust Control: N/A

9 • Mechanical
9.1 Outline Dimensions: 7.0” x 11.05” x 2.35” (W x L x H) excluding connectors, no heatsink.
9.2 Enclosure: Metal Chassis, Aluminum baseplate and enclosure,
9.3 Weight: 5 lbs./2267 grams (Estimate)
9.4 AC Input Connector: ITT Cannon DBMMD5SHPJ
9.5 DC Output Connector: ITT Cannon DBMMD9H4SJ

10 • Outline Drawing

1500 Watts Single Output MIL-STD, Power Supply AC/DC
1500W Blueprint

11 • Notes
11.1 Product specifications subject to change without notice. All rights reserved
11.2 The information and specifications contained in this document are preliminary specifications for a proposed 1500 watt, 400Hz, 3 Phase, airborne power supply product.

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